The next generation of student housing

Attract and retain your students thanks to MonBuilding all-in-one app. Fully customizable, our platform will also make your housing management easier.

An experience like no other

With MonBuilding, your students can easily access the full array of your housing offers:


News, incidents reports & follow up, useful documents (lease, receipt, etc.)
MonBuilding app for student housing


Tenants' directory, chat (students and managers), forum, ads, polls
MonBuilding app for students


Marketplace, in-app rent payment, laundry, printers, shared space booking
Marketplace app for student housing
An efficient housing management tool

With MonBuilding, save time in your the day-to-day management of your student housing portfolio


Real time incident alerts & follow up


Interactions with students and providers within the platform


In-app rent payments, defaults of payment, administrative records, reports
Success stories

See how industry leaders use MonBuilding to optimize their student housing management. 

They chose MonBuilding


What makes MonBuilding different


Choose from more than 50 features to create a unique app. White-label or not, it is a plug-and-play solution.

Project management

Our tenant experience experts are by your side from your requirements analysis to launch day.

Ongoing support

Once launched, your platform will continue to be our priority. We will help you make the best use of it

At MonBuilding, we want to create a new and improved tenant experience. 
We share some of our thoughts on these related issues in our blog.