Senior housing made easier

Discover MonBuilding, our all-in-one app designed to make your senior housing portfolio management as easy as possible and to offer your tenants the most intuitive digital experience.

App for Senior Housing
All your services in one place

Our intuitive and secure interface gathers all the information and services your tenants need.


News, incidents report & follow up, useful documents (lease, receipt, etc.)


Tenants' directory, chat, forum, ads, polls


Restaurant, concierge, marketplace with in-app payments
An efficient housing management tool

Thanks yo your personalized MonBuilding platform, save time in your day-to-day management tasks and answer faster to all your tenants’ needs:


Real time incident alerts & follow up


Interactions with tenants and providers (maintenance, security, etc.) within the platform


In-app rent payments, defaults of payment, administrative records, reports
Why MonBuilding?
MonBuilding gestion résidences

MonBuilding is both an accessible technology and a team of tenant experience specialists to create the most suited app to your needs.

Unparalleled customization

At MonBuilding, every app is different. Features, services but also branding: it is up to you!

A dual interface

For your tenants, it is simple. For you too: data, contacts and services are gathered in one interface to make to best decision possible in no time.

Tailor-made support

A tenant experience specialist will guide you throughout your subscription. We will continuously help you meet your occupants' highest level of satisfaction.

At MonBuilding, we want to create a new and improved tenant experience. 
We share some of our thoughts on these related issues in our blog.