The all-inclusive app for your coliving space

With MonBuilding, boost your coliving space’s services and foster your colivers community!

Shared spaces bookings, in-app payments, events, marketplace,… Thanks to our all-in-one app, offer more than a place to your tenants.

A new way of living

Coliving is built on the concept of openness and collaboration. With MonBuilding, give your colivers the key to this unique living experience.

In your white-label app,  they will have access to:


News, incidents reports & follow up, useful documents (lease, receipt, etc.)


Colivers's directory, chat, forum, ads, polls


Marketplace, in-app rent payment, laundry, shared space booking
An efficient coliving management tool


Real time incident alerts & follow up


Interactions with colivers and providers (maintenance, security, etc.) within the platform.


In-app rent payments, defaults of payment, administrative records, reports
What makes MonBuilding different


For you colivers, it's transparent: your white-labell app gather all the services you selected.


From platform specification to launch day, our team is by your side to guarantee your project's success.


As tenant experience specialists, we will continuously help you meet your colivers' highest level of satisfaction.

At MonBuilding, we want to create a new and improved tenant experience. 
We share some of our thoughts on these related issues in our blog.